Will your children inherit?

Will your children really inherit your estate?

Sorry to bring this up, but it is a subject that about 95% of the people that I see have never thought about, and yet is way too common a matter to ignore.

I refer to what is commonly called “sideways disinheritance”

Rather than explain it, lets look at an example:

Joe, 46, is married to Mary, 43. They have three children. Joe passes away without having made a will. His estate passes to Mary.

Five years go by and Mary meets Peter who has two children of his own. Mary and Peter get married. Another year goes by and Mary passes away without having made a will. Her estate passes to Peter. Joe’s and Mary’s children are now potentially completely disinherited unless Peter is kind enough to include them in his own will.

Are you really willing to take the risk of this happening to you and your children?

There is a solution, which can be incorporated into the will that prevents this from happening.

As you can imagine, as a will-writer since 1999, my clients have told me countless stories of the things they have seen within their own family when people pass away without having made a will.

I found this quote which sums up the situation better than I can:

“Of all the forms of wisdom, hindsight is by general consent the least merciful, the most unforgiving.”

JOHN FLETCHER, intro, Jean-Claude Favez's Holocaust