Frustrating isn't it?

Have you ever had the experience of trying to contact a company on behalf of someone else? 

I recall having to speak to my wife's mobile phone provider as she was in another city and had lost her phone. Of course, the response was "I'm sorry, I need to speak to the account holder!" 

This illustrates the problem that families face when their loved ones lose mental capacity and they have to deal with accounts, bills, banks, pension providers, utility comanies, local authorities, landlords and all institutions where the person has financial matters to be dealt with. Without a Lasting Power of Attorney, the family find themselves locked in a never-ending circle of explanations and frustration trying to help handle their affairs. 

The only option left at that time is to apply to the Court of Protection to obtain the necessary power to help. That process involves huge amounts of time, cost, form-filling; and if granted, the power is limited, intrusive and carrys on-going costs. 

The old saying "prevention is better than cure" comes to mind!