Telephone Appointments

In this time of social distancing, lockdowns and self-isolation, TWP has introduced a new service to help put the essential documents in place so that your affairs are in order.

Now more than ever, it is vial to provide your family with the means to help you if necessary and to ensure that your life-long legacy is distributed according to your wishes.

One of the benefits of our service has always been the home-visit. This is still an option, and our consultants will take all necessary precautions to ensure a super-sanitised presence in your home; but if you are self-isolating or are quarantined or would simply prefer that the appointment to be conducted remotely then we will accomodate you. Whether by telephone, facetime, Skype or any other means, we will work with you to make this vital service available, affordable and accurate.

Stay safe, stay positive and stay in communication with the world!