What would you do?

What would you do in this situation?

I did a will recently for a person that cares for individuals who suffer from brain injuries and degenerative brain diseases. Whilst she cares for a select few individuals, the company she works for has thousands of patients, all of whom have their own circumstances.

My client was telling me some of the stories connected to the individuals she has personally cared for. Most of them were relatively young, or in the in their early middle age. Whilst their levels of mental capacity were varied, none of them were capable of functioning on their own.

I myself had a friend at school that was hit in the head when he was 14 by the wing-mirror of a truck that was travelling a little too close to the pavement. He suffered a brain injury and was never again able to recognise his own friends or family.

I apologise for introducing a rather sobering topic to your day, but, as the American Statesman, Benjamin Franklin said:

“Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.”

It is always best to make provision for these matters, and in the case of a partial or full loss of mental capacity, it is definitely possible to make preparations to prevent loss, excess trouble, legal complications, family difficulties, stress and difficulty at a time that your family, friends and business associates need it least.

For business people, there is an extra level of importance: the business must go on! There must be someone able to make decisions and act if the worst were to happen.

The solution is a Lasting Power of Attorney. They are the ONLY solution to provide a trusted person with the power to make decisions on your behalf.

The Willwriting Partnership has been writing Lasting Powers of Attorney, and their predecessor - the Enduring Power of Attorney since 1999. We maintain our training and competence in this field to the highest standards and are well versed in using the LPA to best effect.

Again - I apologise for the general tone of the subject matter. Whilst my articles are usually somewhat more upbeat, despite the nature of my business, this one is difficult to add a lighter note to, as I am sure you appreciate!