Yes...But Do I Really Need a Will?

Question…are you over 18 and do you have a property? Do you have children under 18? Are you living with a partner? Are you married or have you been married before? Are you a pet owner?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then put simply, yes, you need a Will…and this blog is aimed at you! So, pull up a chair and read on….

Firstly, let’s look at some of the problems that can arise for your family if you don’t have a Will. Losing someone you love is hard. For a period of time, your world stops before normal life kicks back in…with forms, paperwork and a whole host of unanswered questions; Who gets what? What about the funeral? What did he want to happen? The list is seemingly endless and difficult to deal with because at this point all your family want to do is grieve, cry, hide away and remember the good times and happy memories. Amongst many families, the topic of making a Will is never discussed and not knowing what your loved one wanted makes this all so much harder.

Secondly, in practical terms, there is a to-do list on a person’s passing…

  • Obtaining a death certificate
  • Funeral planning and payment
  • List of assets, property and personal belongings
  • List of money owing
  • Sharing everything with the family
  • Oh yes, and all the forms!

Without a Will in place, the sharing of the estate falls under the rules established by the government in the Administration of Estates Act 1925, which means that decisions are out of your hands. So, after all your years of blood sweat and tears, the 9 to 5 grind, hard work and devotion…the government chooses who gets your home and favourite slippers!

Shona Walker, from Pontefract says; ‘Before becoming an Estate Planning Consultant with The Willwriting Partnership, I often wondered “Why are Wills important?” I, like many others thought that surely everything just goes to your next of kin. Your family decide what happens and make all the important decisions, right? I was very wrong! On personally experiencing the loss of my dad I soon realised why Wills are important. He had not put a Will in place for reasons I will now never know. I think he was too busy living life and didn’t get round to it! My sisters and I had to go through the heartache of dealing with the estate and funeral. It was extremely stressful not knowing if we were doing the right thing and if it was what he had wanted.’

According to Which? 54% of the adult population have not made a Will at all. If you are one of them, do any of these reasons sound familiar?

  • I’m not planning on dying!
  • Only rich people need a Will
  • I’m too young!
  • It’s on my to-do list
  • I don’t want to talk about death

Thought so! We hear lots of different reasons from people as to why they don’t need a Will, and do you know what, some people don’t…but at least let someone ‘in the know’ help you make that choice! Did you know a consultation with one of our highly trained, friendly consultants is free and there is no obligation for anything except maybe a brew and a biscuit? This hour or so of your time will enable you to recognise your options and make an informed decision.

Still not convinced? 

  • Booking a consultation is quick, easy and free. The Willwriting Partnership Consultants are here to help.
  • Consultations are completely confidential, and all consultants are accredited and compliant.
  • It doesn’t cost the earth. A Basic Will costs around the same price as a night out for a couple, with a Family Will costing much less than your next holiday or a designer handbag!

What?! STILL not convinced?

Making a Will is one of the kindest and most responsible things you can do for your family. It will help them when they need it most. Our MD, Antony Brinkman says, ‘a Will is a piece of paper with some words on it’. He is right, of course! But it is actually so much more than that when death has occurred. Written correctly, it tells the family everything they need to know and allows them to deal with the estate with the voice of their loved one in their heads. It takes the guess work and guilt away, leaving them free to grieve.

Let’s ask the question again…do I need a Will?

How about this - get in touch with us, put the kettle on and one of consultants will come and help you and your family talk through it all. After all what do you have to lose?


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