If you own a business, or are a partner or director of a business, this section is for you.

Firstly, as a personal note from me (Antony Brinkman, the MD of TWP), I want to say well done to you for your work - whatever line of business you are in. I have the utmost respect for fellow business owners, as it is upon our sholders that the economy stands. We provide jobs to the majority of the country, we keep money moving from person to person, we keep the taxes paid that run the country. We should take a moment every now and again to take some pride in what we do. OK, I'll step down from my soap-box now!

As a business owner, you have certain additional responsibilities that need to be catered for in your will, your Lasting Powers of Attorney and your inheritance tax planning. 

We provide a service, titled Business Succession Planning, which helps to isolate those responsibilities, and cater for them successfully in the services we provide. It is also very useful from another perspective, in that it helps you to focus attention on your exit strategy. Many business owners that we have dealt with have commented just how useful that aspect of the service was. In the words of one client:

"This has been one of the most enlightening and rewarding experiences of my business life in the last few years".

In another case, during the process of Business Succession Planning, we uncovered an area of the business that the owner had under-developed. It was only in looking at his exit strategy that he realised he had a hidden asset that would otherwise have been missed. At the time of doing the planning, he considered that the business had relatively little saleable assets. He focussed on developing the hidden asset and four years later, he sold his business for just over £600,000!

We would love to help you to get your thoughts in order, and your plan worked out so that your family maximises the asset you have spent your time and effort developing. Call us today.