Capacity Vault Testamentary Videos


We understand that creating a Will can be an emotional and sensitive topic. That's why we want to help you secure your wishes and provide peace of mind. Our trusted partners at Capacity Vault have created a video service that will protect your Will in case it may be disputed in the future.

By creating a video recording, you will demonstrate your own testamentary capacity in your own words, and legally certified copies of the recording will be provided to your loved ones, anyone who challenges your Will, and the courts. This way, your wishes are protected, and your loved ones can have the assurance that your Will is secure.

The process is straightforward - Capacity Vault will guide you through the necessary questions to ensure that you understand what you're doing. You can make the recording at the same time as executing your Will, or before or after. Your responses will be captured, and the video will be securely stored, ensuring that it cannot be tampered with.
In addition, you will receive a certificate to keep with your Will. This service will help you rest easy knowing that your wishes are protected and your loved ones will be taken care of.

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