Funeral Plans

Thinking about your funeral is a pretty morbid thing to do. It's not the way most people would plan to spend their evening! However, it is often a subject that often sits at the back of your mind. Rather than having it periodically pester your thoughts, why not get your funeral planned, paid for and out of the way so that you can put your attention on the things that are more important to you?

Not only can you save your family a lot of money, you can take away a great deal of the emotional stress and strain at that sensitive and traumatic time to allow them the opportunity to grieve without having financial strain and upset.

There are many providers of funeral plans, and TWP aim to find you the plan that best suits your needs. As part of your Estate Planning, we can help you look at the various options that exist and will match those options with the right provider.

Most funeral planning companies offer some form of guarantee that the funeral director’s costs will be covered at the time that you pass away. Other companies offer a “first death” service for married couples. The point is that your plan will be exactly that – YOUR plan.