Inheritance Tax Planning


"If it works for Joe, it'll probably work for me." More than half of the people who come to The Willwriting Partnership contact  us after a personal recommendation from a neighbour, friend or family member. We don't write wills for horses, but if we did, this is what the horse's mouth would sound like:

- Gifts made to one’s spouse or civil partner during their lifetime
- Gifts made to charities. (Foreign registered charities normally don’t qualify)
- Gifts made to political parties.
- Dispositions for the national interest – for example to The National Trust, The National Gallery, the British museum, Colleges, Universities etc.


Tax relief also applies in the case of married couples and civil partners, in that no Inheritance Tax is paid on the transfer of assets between spouses/partners on first death. Furthermore, on the death of a spouse/civil partner occurring after 9 October 2007 any ‘Nil Rate Band’ allowance unused on this first death is transferable to the survivor’s estate on second death, meaning on second death there could be currently as much as £650k tax free allowance before tax is paid. Where a spouse is domiciled outside the UK, the transferable allowance is limited.

Please note: Couples in an informal relationship do not qualify for the married couples/civil partners relief and should therefore take steps to mitigate the Inheritance Tax payable, for the sake of the surviving partner as well as for their children and other beneficiaries.

Before leaving this subject, it is worth noting that full Inheritance Tax Planning often involves other parties - particularly financial advisers and accountants. We are neither, but we will work with your existing advisers, or can put you in touch with advisers if you need us to, so that you have a comprehensive plan in place to minimise tax and maximise the estate that is passed to your chosen beneficiaries. 

With that said, it must be made clear that we will not step on the toes of the relationships you already have! We have no desire to steer you away from people that you know and trust. On the contrary, we are always on the lookout for new partnerships with good quality financial advisers and accountants. Working together, with your best interests at the center, we can work out the best plan for you.