Lasting Power of Attorney - LPA


What happens if you lose mental capacity? Not from your point of view – but from the point of view of your family. Who would look after you? Who would deal with your bills, bank account and property? Who would deal with your medical care and make decisions about the way you live your life?

Now ask yourself this – would they have the power to do that? Have you ever had the experience of trying to speak to a company on behalf of someone else, only to be told "Sorry, we can only speak to the account holder."? If that account holder is you, and you do not have capacity to speak to the company, then your family face the horrific situation – if not bad enough already – of trying to navigate the traumatic alternatives.

We have made putting your LPAs in place as easy and affordable as possible. Give us a call and we can arrange your local consultant to pay you a visit – without cost or obligation – to discuss your situation and let you know the costs as well as the benefits to putting Lasting Powers of Attorney in place.