"If it works for Joe, it'll probably work for me." More than half of the people who come to The Willwriting Partnership contact us after a personal recommendation from a neighbour, friend or family member. We don't write wills for horses, but if we did, this is what the horse's mouth would sound like:

Latest Testimonials

The personal service was very good and all explained clearly, very professional at all times, keep continuing to be professional and helpful at all times.


Consultant: John Gower

Very good, and I found the service excellent. I can only say thank you to all that has dealt with my request for a will.


Consultant: Darren Tomaselli

Jon steered us through the will and LPA process with great clarity and professionalism, visiting us several times and dealt with any queries promptly. In summary Jon did an excellent job of sorting our wills and LPAs helping to ease the process to its conclusion. The service was very impressive, we are happy with all aspects of the process. No other comments other than we are pleased with the experience. Thanks to all at The Willwriting Partnership.

Raymond & Maureen

Consultant: Jon Balm

Very good indeed. Thank you very much, I don’t have anyone to recommend you to at the moment but when I do, I will certainly refer them to you.


Consultant: Vicky Ellory

We received very good personal service throughout this process, extremely professional all documents were first class, no more comments just thankyou, it’s a relief to have everything in place.

Patrick & Ann

Consultant: John Gower

Excellent in every way, explanation of information delivered in a way which was clear and concise. We found the service very much so professional, responding to queries and changes promptly by email or phone, also the personal visit was on time and efficient. We would like to thank Emmanuella for the excellent advice and information she gave us during her visit.

David & Jennifer

Consultant: Emanuela Shepherd

Very friendly and first-class service. Very professional. Thank you

David & Kathleen

Consultant: Jen Eaton

Very good communication. We can’t think of any areas for improvement except for perhaps a glossary of terms for the Ye Olde lingo used in the archaic Will jargon?

Robert and Victoria

Consultant: Julia Fleetwood

A lovely friendly professional service from James and I will certainly recommend him to all my friends, as it was an excellent top service.


Consultant: James Whitehead

Service was excellent, very friendly, and helpful even though it was on the phone. No complaints everything was easy to understand and follow Gareth was very helpful. Thankyou.

David & Carole

Consultant: Gareth Jones