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Latest Testimonials

The personal service was very good - ten out of ten for communication. No complaints with the whole process, I was very satisfied with everything, thank you.



Consultant: Petrina McQuillan

Excellent service. Very professional and well explained for us in laymen terms. Very pleased all in all and relieved it is sorted.


James & Rachel

Consultant: Steve Goddard

Excellent service, very polite and professional. It put us at ease that all details and procedures were well managed and taken care of. I felt that we were getting a very good level of service. Responses were very prompt and good communication between us and Gareth was had.


Bhupender & Sharon

Consultant: Gareth Jones

Lots of information was given in a clear and knowledgeable way. The service was friendly and easily understood. I had faith in the service and confidence in what I was being told. It was very professionally communicated.



Consultant: John Gower

The personal service was great and was really professional, but not too much that it got in the way of a friendly service.  All was good, thank you very much.


Ewan & Ruth

Consultant: Liz Lomas

The personal service was excellent and prompt. Ian was very professional and polite. Thanks to Ian, I got through this daunting event easily.



Consultant: Ian Bailey

I first heard of your services when John visited our premises to talk to us. It was a very informative session which prompted me to do something that I had intended to do for a long time, which was write my Will. John visited me privately and went through the procedure thoroughly. I received my draft copy a couple of weeks later and phoned the office to confirm it was all correct. John then called back to finalise the Will with signatures. John was wonderful to work with, very patient and understanding. He was a joy to work with. He made what could have been a very difficult thing to do, very easy. Thank you, John.



Consultant: John Gower

The service we received was absolutely brilliant throughout two zoom calls and a face-to-face meeting. Everything was described in detail and even things we hadn’t thought of. The service was very professional but with enough light heartedness to keep it upbeat. We Could not praise John more highly - we would certainly recommend the service.


Andrew & Alison 

Consultant: John Gower

We were pleased with the overall service, both in person and on the phone. We found that each person that we had any contact with was very professional and in our experience, they met our needs in a professional way.


John & Joyce 

Consultant: John Gower

We had contact with Ian Bailey, who is very polite, knowledgeable and was always on time for his visits and phone calls. Ian helped us choose the best options for our Will, we had not realised how many different options there were. He helped us choose the best ones for us. We are very satisfied with the service we received from him, thank you.


James & Lorraine

Consultant: Ian Bailey