Excellent service - easy to understand.

Very good communication throughout.

Steven is a credit and came recommended by friends. He made the process easy to follow and made what could have been difficult discussions very natural.

Simon and Amanda

Consultant: Steve Goddard

All my dealing with The Willwriting Partnership ie. Will, trust and POAs have been such that I have every confidence my wishes have been well-served. Guidance has been forthcoming but not intensive and I have never felt obliged to take up services.

It is some years since the will and trust were drawn up, and which I thought was a quite daunting prospect. It was not the case, Antony was very helpful, clear and thorough. More recently I attended a seminar in Heaton Moor which triggered us to draw up POAs. The delivery at the seminar was succinct, relevant and touched a nerve.

The subsequent service was efficient, timely and professional. Apart from the initial undertaking, the process has been smooth and straightforward, if not drawn out but I was warned about the time it was likely to take.

I have recommended TWP to a number of friends.


Consultant: John Gower

Very Good, everything was explained fully.

Very professional

Thank you for a prompt service.


Consultant: John Gower