10 out of 10 service! John Gower was very professional at everything with everything he did for us. He was also such a nice man, very helpful and easy to talk to, thankyou John. Again, John could not have done any more to help us both, our minds are now at rest. Once again, a big 'thankyou' to John Gower and TWP.

James and Barbara

Consultant: John Gower

From our first contact with Darren, he has been very professional, honest, sensitive and very helpful. He has shown patience and understanding in what a very stressful situation was. He was prompt in replying to our telephone calls and was always willing to help. He was extremely professional explaining what we needed to know and understand what we were undertaking and how other people involved in the process and explained to them what their role was. We have been very satisfied with the whole process even when we changed our minds. The office promptly organised our documents including arrangements for a refund, for our change of mind. We are very happy to recommend TWP to anyone who wants this type of service.

John and Dorothy

Consultant: Darren Tomaselli

The service we received was very good, we could not have asked for better, the communication was especially good. The service was very good once again we could not have asked for better, thank you!

Barrie and Sylvia

Consultant: Julia Fleetwood

The service we received was excellent, very professional. Clear communication and everything were explained. Thankyou John - you made everything easy for us.

David & Cheryl

Consultant: John Gower

Very impressed with the level of communication and advice given personally, I am also very satisfied with the professional service.


Consultant: Darren Tomaselli

Excellent service throughout everything, very professional thank you John for being very professional as well as pleasant and friendly whilst being informative. We will highly recommend John Gower.

Brian and Gillian

Consultant: John Gower

Both my husband and I were very pleased, everything was perfect with all communications. Mr. Hammond was very very professional and helpful, the service was satisfactory in every way.

Derek and Maureen

I had a few phone calls with Alex who I found helpful with every aspect, she made me feel relaxed and kept me informed. We found the service very professional – especially as when we were completing it, the covid pandemic happened so everything was thrown into chaos. Everything was great I would use them again and recommend to others.