The service we received was very helpful and courteous. Everything was very professional. This was a real person-centred service. We have already recommended you to our friends!

Michael & Alison

After a well presented seminar, we invited the Willwriting Partnership to give us personal recommendations on our situation. The response to our request was dealt with swiftly and a meeting arranged to the mutual convenience of both parties.

At the meeting our needs were discussed in great detail and various options professionally provided. The advice was clear, concise and any of our doubts were considered in an informal way (i.e. in easy English – not legalise!!). The service we received was so efficient and professional that we have recommended The Willwriting Partnership to many friends.

The doubts of one of our children were dealt with by phone, by Antony Brinkman when at a meeting at our house. His deliberations pacified our son who later was named as a Trustee.

Terry & Anne

The service was very good both in person and by phone. I thought the service was of a high standard and I have no complaints. My thanks to Gareth who explained everything very clearly.


Consultant: Gareth Jones

It was an excellent, efficient and friendly service. Everything was clear and informative, reflecting the experience of the consultant.

Kevin & Jennifer

We found the communication very satisfactory and was very easy to speak to and made us very at-ease. We found [Mark] very professional indeed, knew exactly what he was talking about.

We would like to thank [Mark] very much, he was on time and didn’t rush us at all, and he was very friendly.

William & Jean

You are very polite, ready to help and advise me when I needed it. Telephoning me to see if I had my will and asking if I wanted you, just to ring and get an appointment. Very helpful.

Please keep up the work as I do not feel you could improve anywhere as I felt important to you all the way through making my will and also after.


Excellent service – I felt very comfortable. It was all very professional. No improvements necessary!


Antony was very knowledgable and clearly answered all questions we asked of him. In addition he was very warm, patient and friendly. Overall, the quality of service was excellent and very professional.


The service we received was very good – totally professional.

Jeffrey & Elizabeth

Consultant: Gareth Jones

Antony was very good at explaining and keeping it all so simple. My will was something I wanted to complete but never got round to making. Very professional and covered so many avenues that I had not thought of. I think that many people like me expect wills to be very complicated. Antony made things very easy. Its just a matter of getting across to people just how simple it can be done.

Thank you for your help!