Excellent service all round. Neil discussed all options available in a way that was very sensitive and caring, enabling my family to believe that the decision that was finally made and put into place was the right one for myself and would ensure that there was no doubt about what I wanted and that my wishes and intentions could be carried out in the way that provided me with security for the future and reassurance that my final wishes would be honoured as I would want.

A very difficult subject but an important one. Neil is a huge asset to The Will writing Partnership. Other family members to consult with Neil regarding their own situations following Neil's excellent service.

Would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends requiring advice and support in making such a huge and difficult decision. Thank you, Neil, for helping us all sift through the legal mine field and put the documentation in place to protect us all as much as possible as we all walk the path into a future unknown.

Thank you


I got a very good service with your company whether it was in person or over the phone.

I found it professional very good my questions were answered in person or over the phone.


Service was provided in person after a talk I attended

Extremely helpful taking time to respond to any queries I had.

Just thank you all for an efficient service


Consultant: Steve Goddard

At all times the personal service we received was very helpful, polite and well explained on this potentially complex matter that we had no prevision dealings with.

Very well carried out by your representative who had infinite patience.

Colin & Audrey

Consultant: Josie Brookes

Service really good, and office staff were very helpful on telephone.

I was not in a good place at the time, however, I was treated very fairly and with respect. Thank you.


Consultant: Gareth Jones