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Latest Testimonials

We had contact with Ian Bailey, who is very polite, knowledgeable and was always on time for his visits and phone calls. Ian helped us choose the best options for our Will, we had not realised how many different options there were. He helped us choose the best ones for us. We are very satisfied with the service we received from him, thank you.


James and Lorraine

Consultant: Ian Bailey

The service we received was excellent. Everything was explained well, and we were given plenty of time to think about things. The service was in person and by email and was very professional. Jon was always prompt with meeting times and at times that suited us. Thanks to Jon for his friendly approach. 


Glenn & Alicia

Consultant: Jon Balm

The service was excellent and there was very good communication from our consultant. Thanks to Steve for the service.


Michael & Juliet

Consultant: Steve Goddard

Ian Bailey was exceptional throughout the whole process, great service and knowledge, very personal.



Consultant: Ian Bailey

Steve was fab with good communication, and he was a personable representative and was very professional throughout the whole process.


Kevin & Pamela

Consultant: Steve Goddard

Friendly and Helpful staff made this process easy. I received a professional service throughout from TWP.



Consultant: Steve Flanagan

I found the service excellent, John was very good and explained everything clearly, He was excellent over the phone and in person. Many Thanks to John Gower. 



Consultant: John Gower

Everyone at TWP has been very helpful and kind during the process as well as professional. Thanks to James for his patience and knowledge throughout.


Neil & Jane

Consultant: James Whitehead

I met with Steven on a market stand in Horsham. He was prompt and efficient in following up even after some failed attempts. Steven made a point of meeting in person which I felt was appropriate. The process was smooth, even managing to complete the process before we were due to leave for holiday. All documentation was explained well and clear.


Matthew and Sarah

Consultant: Steve Goddard

The service I received was excellent with very prompt communication, I found the service I received from Mr. Goddard, very professional and understanding with sensitivity. I don’t think I can add recommendations for improvements to the service. Using TWP was like having my hand held whilst making difficult decisions which is something we all tend to put off.



Consultant: Steve Goddard