"If it works for Joe, it'll probably work for me." More than half of the people who come to The Willwriting Partnership contact us after a personal recommendation from a neighbour, friend or family member. We don't write wills for horses, but if we did, this is what the horse's mouth would sound like:

Latest Testimonials

The personal service I received from The Willwriting Partnership was excellent. Communication was outstanding – everything was explained so clearly and simply that there was no confusion. I was not afraid or uncomfortable to ask anything. I feel so much happier now, knowing that my daughter’s future is a little more protected.

The service itself was extremely professional. I would highly recommend this service to everyone.

Thank you Antony for everything that you have done, and are still doing with your advice. I really appreciate it all.


We were both very happy with the service we received from The Willwriting Partnership. Everything was clearly explained and nothing was too much trouble. Every aspect of communication was good. Overall, we feel that the professional service we received was excellent.

We would like to thank you, Antony, very much for the very helpful, friendly service we received. It was good to go through this procedure in the comfort of our own home as opposed to sitting in a stuffy solicitors office! We cannot fault the service at all.

Geoff & Lynda

The service I received from The Willwriting Partnership has been excellent. Antony was extremely polite, friendly and professional. The time and consideration he spent with me, explaining every aspect and making sure that I understood all details really helped to put me at ease.

On receiving the certificate of safe storage of the will, plus notification that a letter has been sent to my executors giving them some basic information about their duties is priceless - it just shows how professional the will writing service has been. The additional information on probate was also really informative.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help, advice and patience.


Antony was first introduced by a friend. I arranged for him to call as regards setting up a will. He answered all my questions fully and explained what was required to set up my will. The service was first class and very informative. There was no pressure to have the will set up, but with the information given and explained clearly, I felt very comfortable in having the draft will made. There was no use of jargon or “solicitor’s speak”, and I now have a will in place. Thank you for an excellent service.

I would also like to add that the visit from Antony really was very, very informative. All the main points were gone over again before the signing and witnessing. This was a really first class service and highly recommended for peace of mind. Again, many many thanks!


An excellent service from Antony and his team. Everything was done and dusted in a couple of visits – 10 / 10! It is nice to know that my wife and I are in good hands!

Francis & Nora

We have seen TWP twice in the space of a few years, and on both occasions, it has been an excellent and personal service provided. Everything is very professional without the feeling of being uncomfortable in any way talking about the details of our will. We also have the confidence that our will is safely stored.

We really cannot fault any of the process of making our wills with Antony. Unfortunately we had to change our will due to the sudden death of our beloved son, but Antony handled it with dignity – we cannot thank you enough.

Peter & Susan

You provided a very good service and we were very pleased with everything. Thank you for being so helpful and explaining everything that we were unsure of. In fact – thanks for everything!


The personal service I received could not have been bettered. Antony was very easy to talk to and made it very easy for me. His help was most appreciated.


The service I received was very good in all aspects and I liked the informality of home visits. They helped me feel comfortable and less under pressure through some tricky decision making.

Everything was very professional throughout. Contact was maintained on a regular basis and actions completed in a timely manner. When I asked questions that Antony had not come across before, he was honest enough to say when he didn’t know. He sought the information and came back to me quickly and efficiently. I trust the Willwriting Partnership has dealt with my particular situation to my satisfaction and I am content that my affairs are now in order. I could not have achieved this peace of mind without Antony’s help.

One small criticism – due to a misunderstanding over signatures on a document I had prolonged problems. Whilst I acknowledge I am on unfamiliar territory, I am quite thorough and follow advice / instructions. I cannot remember it being made clear to me about a particular document needing signatures, as per the trust itself. Indeed, I was so convinced it was my copy to keep that I scribbled notes on it. Perhaps when the service is a little more complex, an accompanying “to do” list might be helpful to some clients. A small critical comment which should not mar what I consider to be an excellent service. Thank you.

PS. I like the idea of a review on a 3-yearly basis.


First class service received – clearly explained and easy to understand. It was a friendly service that we could not fault. No improvements necessary – a first class service

Roland and Sandra