"If it works for Joe, it'll probably work for me." More than half of the people who come to The Willwriting Partnership contact us after a personal recommendation from a neighbour, friend or family member. We don't write wills for horses, but if we did, this is what the horse's mouth would sound like:

Latest Testimonials

The service we received from Jonathan was excellent. Both on the phone, email and face-to-face. He made the phone process much easier and helped with any questions we had.

Very professional and I would highly recommend.

Would like to say a big thank you to Jonathan as this was quite a daunting experience for us, along with a few family issues.

Mark & Catherine

Consultant: Jon Hammond

Very pleased with the help given by Stephen Hollis. Telephone and personal communication good.

Very professional and helpful.

Would have found it useful if a microphone had be used at the first public meeting otherwise 1st class.

Robert and Wendy

Consultant: Steve Hollis

We were very pleased with the whole service we received.

Neil was particularly helpful when arranging meetings to coincide with visits from another family member.

Very professional and clear information but informal and friendly.

Just thanks for all the help and so nice it was all done at home.

Terence and Kathleen

Consultant: Neil Tomlinson

Excellent, professional and friendly

First class!

We have now taken out pre-paid funeral plans with your recommended supplier Golden Leaves many thanks.

We have also arranged lasting power of attorney

John & Patricia

Consultant: John Gower

Was very well done we both found the talk that Steven did very helpful.

The service was done very professionally also we could relax knowing everything was in order at the end.

David & Greta

Consultant: Steve Goddard

All communication either by visit or phone was treated with competence and confidentiality.

The service was very professional, timely and courteous.

We were very impressed by John Gower. He was very knowledgeable and imparted his knowledge clearly to us in a manner that we could understand.

Michael and Veronica

Consultant: John Gower

Very Good Service - Excellent!


Consultant: Gareth Jones

Very professional

Ten out of ten

Just to say a big thank you to all of the team. Especially Tony Smith


Consultant: Tony Smith

I met with Robbie and Julia on several occasions. Contact and service was professional and appropriate to my needs. I also received telephone contact as required and my phone calls were always returned promptly. The service was very professional and appropriate.

Thank you for all your help and support. It has put my mind at rest to have solved these various worries. It is easy to leave it too late. The process was easy once I got round to doing it!


Consultant: Robbie Kinsey

Excellent on all counts

A most professional service to take - cannot find fault!


Consultant: Josie Brookes