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Latest Testimonials

Five-star service. I cannot fault John and TWP. The service was friendly yet professional and John was so knowledgeable and helpful. He and the team were very responsive.



Consultant: John Gower

James was really helpful online over Zoom during covid. He made the whole process simple and straight forward for us. The service was very professional but also personal. A huge thanks to James who explained everything clearly and has been great throughout the whole process.


Gary and Caroline

Consultant: James Whitehead

John and Alex have been incredibly helpful in resolving a difficult situation. The service was highly professional.



Consultant: John Gower

Our service from Jon was excellent and very professional. There were no improvements that could have been made to better the service. Jon made everything really easy and the information he provided was easily understood.


Andrew & Kimberley

Consultant: Jon Balm

Overall, an excellent and personal service. Impeded somewhat by the pandemic, I think. Although everything was explained in an excellent manner. Thank you to John who is an excellent representative of TWP.



Consultant: John Gower

The personal service was excellent. I felt fully informed and reassured that all my needs were being managed professionally, giving me peace of mind. John was very professional, understanding and explained the process clearly. He has kept everyone informed along the way. The service from everyone, whether the contact was via phone or face to face, has always been welcoming and no matter how small or lengthy a question has been, it has been received and discussed without making me feel rushed. Thank you to everyone, especially John.



Consultant: John Gower

The Service was excellent. Gareth was 100%, he could not do enough to help us. He was punctual, polite and friendly.


Ronald and Christine

Consultant: Gareth Jones

The service has been excellent – especially considering everything had to be completed on calls or via email. The service was relaxed and had a comfortable feel whilst still being professional. I am very happy with Gareth’s approach and knowledge.


Liam & Lisa

Consultant: Gareth Jones

Excellent service from Gareth, generally. I would give the service a four out of five.



Consultant: Gareth Jones

An excellent service provided by Gareth both in person and on the phone. Polite, friendly, and very professional. We have recommended this company to friends. The service was efficient, very professional and knowledge fronted by Gareth.


Edwin and Barbara

Consultant: Gareth Jones