"If it works for Joe, it'll probably work for me." More than half of the people who come to The Willwriting Partnership contact us after a personal recommendation from a neighbour, friend or family member. We don't write wills for horses, but if we did, this is what the horse's mouth would sound like:

Latest Testimonials

Service was excellent both in person and over the phone.

John was very professional as well as being polite and friendly.


Consultant: John Gower

Very Kind and patient staff who are keen to explain everything in an easily understandable and approachable manner, both on the phone and in person.

Very professional and above all approachable service offered by both telephone staff and home visitors.

My daughter’s reticence initially regarding the service offered was quickly dispelled by the thorough explanations and friendly approach of the people she spoke to.


Consultant: John Gower

Very good, Alex has a lovely manner.

Very professional, not rushed took all the times we needed to explain everything to us.

Nicholas & Collette

Consultant: Alex Stirzaker

The communication at head office was excellent. There was always someone at the end of the phone to help us and they were always pleasant and reassuring.

We couldn’t have wished for a more professional service. Every effort was made to talk us through all the parts we found complicated and didn’t understand (having no knowledge of legal procedures etc) and pointed out sections we needed to look at carefully and discuss. Documents came from head office regularly keeping us up to date.

As far as we are concerned everything was executed perfectly. Jon was very patient with us taking time to explain details in a clear manner we couldn’t have wished for anyone better to guide us through this complicated procedure. Thank you Jon.

Michael & Mary

Consultant: Jon Hammond

The personal service I received from my consultant very helpful and conductive my thanks to him for his help.

For professional as one would expect with the circumstances.

My thanks for the patience shown and help given.


Consultant: Steve Goddard

We were informed of everything and was explained to us very well.

We thought it was very professional and was pleased with the results.

Thank you to John Gower for his help to make it all possible.

Dennis & Marion

Consultant: John Gower

We would like to thank our consultant for all the help we were given. I found her a very professional young lady.

Extremely easy to communicate with. Thank you very much Sue we won’t forget you.

Thank You

Paul and Brenda

Consultant: Julia Fleetwood

Steven was very good in chasing us up to make appointments. He gave an excellent service and was always very professional, he always kept in touch with what was going on too.

Very professional! Steven was very good at explaining things to us that we didn’t understand or weren’t sure of. We would highly recommend this service.

Kevin & Lucy

Consultant: Steve Goddard

From the offset our dealings with the partnership, Gareth Jones provided us with an excellent service. We needed to communicate with head office and this again was of an excellent standard.

Gareth provided us with all the facts we needed and explained the services we required so we could make an informed decision.

Thank you very much Gareth for the excellent services you provided.

We will not hesitate to call your services and when required.

Edwin & Barbara

Consultant: Gareth Jones

Very professional, very helpful excellent service.

We wish to thank John Gower and his excellent help in preparation of our will and powers of attorney.

Brian & Joan

Consultant: John Gower