"If it works for Joe, it'll probably work for me." More than half of the people who come to The Willwriting Partnership contact us after a personal recommendation from a neighbour, friend or family member. We don't write wills for horses, but if we did, this is what the horse's mouth would sound like:

Latest Testimonials

Very helpful – easy to contact, communication was always clear and you helped answer any queries that we had.

Very professional and knowledgeable. We were always confident that we were dealing with a professional firm.

Can't think of any improvements. Many thanks for all of your help and for explaining everything.

Frank & Glenis

Consultant: Julia Fleetwood

We spoke with Jon and he came over very professional and explained everything in detail. It was a pleasure and very professional. Will recommend.


Consultant: Jon Balm

Five-star service! Thank you very much for the "stress-less" service, I'm really happy with the outcome.


Consultant: Julia Fleetwood

John Gower was excellent , very helpful and explained everything to me clearly


Consultant: John Gower

This was our first experience with a zoom call and found it good and easy to communicate

Alex was our first contact who was excellent and very professional and quick to respond to our queries. John was exceptional and professional who made us feel confident and prompted us on legal issues.

Conduct and appearance first class

Karen and Raymond

Consultant: John Gower

Its been very good, Very professional.

Michael & Kathleen


Consultant: Rebekah Maxwell

The service was more like a family friend than conducting a business deal, relaxed and personal.

The service was quick (not rushed~) and efficient

I feel I have a made a new friend rather than completed some documents.

Geoffrey & Susan

Consultant: Alex Stirzaker


Very Professional, Thank you


Consultant: John Gower

I saw Alex in person initially and then finalised things over the phone due to Covid 19



Consultant: Alex Stirzaker

Excellent at every stage.

Extremely professional

We are both extremely grateful that you kept pushing us for the documents etc that you needed to put everything in place

Joe & Daxa

Consultant: John Gower